International Womens Day

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Will you #BeBoldForChange?


For International Women’s Day 2017 and beyond,
we’ve been asking you to #BeBoldForChange
Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world
– a more inclusive, gender equal world

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Botulinum toxin is injected through a fine  sterile needle into the facial muscle of expression.

Treatment can cause mild discomfort over a few seconds.

Treatment is a safe and effective way of reducing frown, horizontal forehead and crows feet wrinkles.

It can also be used to smooth the nasal bunny lines, vertical lip lines, dimples on the chin, upturn the corners of the mouth and smooth the platysmal bands on the neck.

Side effects are minimal if any. Injection site tenderness and mild bruising may occur. Ptosis or drooping of the eye lid is very rare, much less so with the experienced injector.

A clever treatment visualiser shows how Botox smooths muscles.

Botulinum toxin should be administered by an experienced medically trained practitioner.

It should not to be used if pregnant or breast feeding as we have no research to prove it is safe for your foetus or child.

Care must be taken if diagnosed with neurological or bleeding disorders, currently suffering with a skin infection or allergy or taking particular medication. Your specialist will be able to advise you further.

Effects can be seen within 3 days and the complete effect in 2 weeks. I review all new clients after 2 weeks to ensure the desired effect is achieved.

See above for botox in Melbourne.

Treatment lasts for 3-6 months. Shorter initially with increased intervals in time.

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The Significance of Topless Waiter Brisbane and Sydney

While male strippers are a remarkable way of bringing your guests some excitement and fun, a topless waiter is the best way to keep your hen party alive and going. A topless waiter Brisbane can be hire for at least two hours to ensure that your guests are served properly and most of all make the most of your party.  There are lots of companies out there that offer topless waiters Brisbane, all you need is to make a proper research in order to get the best and the most reliable one. IE: Men in Action in Sydney

If you want to host a hen party for you or for your friend that she will surely cherish for the rest of her life or if you like a party which will amaze and awe your guests, then the best way to do this is to hire a sexy and hunk topless waiters Brisbane. They will serve up foods and drinks, entertain your visitors and most of all join in the excitement as well as games.

The option is all yours, it doesn’t matter if you may need a vulgar show or maybe one which is a bit cleaner out, the hunk and handsome Topless waiters sydney are always available to give you an amazing performance you and your guests will never forget for the rest of their lives. Your hen party must be full of excitement and luxury, a dinner, party as well as champagne while riding in the limo. On the other hand, no hen party is complete until a male stripper turn up with a hot performance to amaze and astounds your guests.  In case you or your girl friend is organizing a hen party, then Brisbane is the best place to spend that party because of the fact that it has lots of amazing night club action, restaurants as well as a perfect setting for hen party to experience a colourful evening with friends.

Topless waiters Brisbane can also give you a remarkable performance and one which is full of style and confidence. Hen party must be about experiencing that best time of your life and to celebrate the last day of being single. Of course you will want this moment to be more memorable and fun, and a male topless waiter Brisbane can give the best experience to your Brisbane hen party.

Choose the Best Topless Waiter Brisbane

If you are organizing a hen party in Brisbane and want to make it more memorable and exciting, considering topless waiter is the best option. On the other hand, due to the many agencies offering this kind of service, choosing the best one is hard to find. In order to avoid wasting your money and at the same time make the best out of your hen party, you only need to hire a reliable agency. The best way to find a good agency is through searching online and reading the reviews provided by their previous clients. Make sure to check their portfolio and visit the gallery page to check if the topless waiters Brisbane meet your expectation.

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Hens Parties in Sydney, Brisbane in Melbourne Celebrating International Womens Day.

Hens’ party provides great fun and excitement to the host and to her guests as well and Brisbane is indeed the best place to throw your hen party. Hens nights have evolved over the years, on the other hand still they keep a couple of common factors such as screaming ladies and male strippers, now they have topless waiters or barmen to serve beverages and foods. What is more, they also consist of games and divers exciting activities such as bus tours and wine tasting as well as visiting to make strip bars or clubs. Due to the advent of internet, it has certainly made it accessible for the host to see the many options available. A simple search of hen night Brisbane or Sydney will give you a wide selection of things to see and do in Brisbane. This is where hen’s party Brisbane offered by many companies come into play.

There are lots of companies out there that offer reliable and exceptional hens party Brisbane. They provide many party packages for those who want to have it all integrated in one best bundle. The most and perhaps the first thing you need to consider when planning a hen party Brisbane is the venue. Due to the many amazing venues to choose from in Brisbane to spend your hen party, choosing the best one is overwhelming and puzzling. Worry no more, because there are companies out there that provide they think to be the best place to spend your occasion. With an amazing location and friendly setting, it is an amazing location to take the bride and her friends to enjoy the party.

In hen party Brisbane packages, venue, food and drinks and even entertainment are already included. So, all you need to do is to dress up and go to the location and have fun. What is more, in order to make this event full of fun and exciting as well to make this event the most memorable hen party, they hire topless waiters.  They will be the one responsible for your foods, drinks as well as entertainment. With this kind of service, you’re bound to get high quality fun and entertainment.

Hen Party Brisbane Ideas

There are lots of hen party Brisbane party ideas available out there that can make your party full of fun. Some of the unique and exciting party ideas are:

Hens party boat cruise: This will surely make your time unforgettable in Sydney. MML Hen party is a special occasion that needs special treatment, so hire a private boat with friends while enjoying the food and drinks and loud sound as well.…