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The best Eyebrow feathering and Tattooing. Both past and present comparison of tattoo eyebrows

Some of the reasons why you might need a permanent eyebrow are when you do not have enough hair or when the shape and arch of your eyebrow is inadequate or when the old tattoo has become faded or deformed. It can happen whether you are young or old, there are plucked eyebrows that simply do not grow back completely with time.

Comparison of tattoo eyebrows

This can be bothersome if the shape is deformed or unappealing. The shape and arch of the eyebrow is important because a bad shape can have a negative impact on your face. If the eyebrows are short, too flat, too arched and thin you might consider tattooing your eyebrows. Make sure to select the best design so you will not look tired, surprised, angry, sad or strict.

The most common concern in getting a tattooed eyebrow is the permanent aspect of it. Questions like what if in the future, I want a different look for my eyebrows or what if at some point they start to sag? Or what if I change my hair color? See her for more examples of eyebrow tattooing;

There are some cases where the results are unnatural looking because the tattoo artist did not bother to analyze her facial features. The outcome can be frightening especially when the tattoo eyebrows were done a long time ago, the colors change into a gray or greenish tint.

These can be avoided nowadays with semi permanent ink. You can have this alternative and this is perfect for people who do not want to radically change their eyebrows. This is a good option because the ink will fade in just 1-2 years in the event that you have a change of heart you can easily follow what you really want.